Achat csiszolat Gyöngyöstarján, 10x6cm

2010. augusztus 14., szombat

Flat stones


In the first time i made only flat stones, usually from Hungarian agates.

It is not too dificult work if you have pofessionat tools, but in Hungary you can't buy nothing for cutting.
On the factory made cutting machines you have a small things for keeping the stones, afret the cutting you got a smooth surface. On my machine i don't have it, i keep my stones  with my hands, ( i sill have all my fingers :-) ) mostly i got a nice surface to my stones  but sometimes i have stairs on the stones.

After the cut i use this technic:

I use for sending 400 gtir of SiC powder on steel lap, i  am doing it untill the surface is perfectly flat, without craks, the  next is 800 grit of SiC by hend for pre polish , next step  is a 800grit of diamond  soft flat lap in an electric motor with 2890RPM  the result is better  pre polish  i get lightly mirror surface, lot of cutter call it polished stone but  i use Cerium Oxide for polishing  on felt lap.

My best work was with this technic 450pcs. of agates in a month.

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