Achat csiszolat Gyöngyöstarján, 10x6cm

2010. szeptember 11., szombat




I cut stones more than 10 years ago, in the bigining  i did  only flat stones, when the quality was enough good i start go to the mineral shows in Hungary and to  Europe.

My stones have a uniqe colors, mostly all stones includ 3-4 different color. I had lot of buyer dut it was not enough, the time is changing,  lot of people looking for uniqe things and jewelleries.  I stared cutting oval, round and freeform cabochons, i sold a lot from these without setting.

Most people looking for ready for use jewellery, i must to thinking about how can  i do  this kind of jewells.
First i looking for silver settings in Hungary, i did not find nothing , it is difficult in Hungary.

After i met a student, she learn makeing silver jewelleries, she gave me ideas how can i make silver settings for my stones.

I bought tools for this work,  saw, hammer, torch, files and more special tools.

I bought also silver sheet and wire, soldering silver and flux.

How can we make setting for an opal?

The opal is a sensitive stone, we need to safe it .

So, we cut a long, thin peace of silver sheet, the size like the opal side, a little bit more, after the soldering we will fileing it.

Take your opal to the tabble, make a frame from the silver seet like the opal form, use plier if you need, when  it is ready the next step the soldering.

Use your torch, soldering silver and the flux, put a little flux the ends of the sheet, to the flux a small peace of soldering silver. Start the heating with the torch, when is enough hot  first the soldering silver will dessolve  and   fill the place between the sheet sides.

If it is good you will see a little dump  on the frame.

Next we need to cut the buttom of the setting,  this is also from the sheet. Put the frame to the sheet and mark it around the frame with pencil is a needle.  After it,  cut around the mark, left  the mark on the small peace.

Use the file for smmothing the edge.  Ok, put a small flux to the frame , only to that  edge what will meet the buttom and put it to the buttom.
Set the position  and start the soldering with the torch and the soldering silver. Put the soldering silver to the corner of the buttom and the frame.
When you heating it will run into one another.
The next step the rasping, use small file for this work, clean all the edge around the setting. If you work good the setting will be  cleasn, smooth and bright.  We need a small ring to the setting, you can buy finished  „jump ring”  or  make it from the  silver wire, you can use a special plier or a peace of hard steel wire for it.

Put the ring clost to the setting to the good position , add small flux to the ring and the setting , add soldering silver and heat it.  This is a difficult work, the ring can burn away before join  with the setting, you need experience for it.

If you finished all the soldering sand the setting with emery paper, i use 800 grit paper for this work, pay attention to the edge, around the ring, the surface must be smmoth and clean.

If it is ready you can polishing it with  felt and polishing wax.

When you finis hall the work the settign  will shining like a mirror, all the surface around the setting must be the  same.

When you have lot of experience you can make lot of  form, oval, round, freeform, and many more.

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