Achat csiszolat Gyöngyöstarján, 10x6cm

2011. február 14., hétfő


Here is the time for  the top of the cutting, it is the faceting, the best style of cutting.

In  the last few years i worked to design a faceting head for me, i saw many factory made machine but they are too expensive  for a Hungarian cutter. So i had to made a faceting head , i have a friend whu working with CNC machines, i just made drawnings and he cut the parts for me.

Afrte i built my complett machine with axel, motor, cutting laps…ect.

In the last year i started the cutting, first i cut a peace of glass, the second was  a Hungarian  quartz criastal and i made more peace of glass and quartz.

That time a had a lot of problem with the polising, i didn’t know the good way for it, i tryed few material to do this but i didn’t got a nice facets.

In the end of that year we moved to an other country, i can take my faceting head only but i had to wait a lot of time untill i can built  the machine again.

In the time when i waiting started read forums, bought new books for faceters, looking for any information how it is working.

Now i  know what is the critical angels, Ri, witch polishing material the best of the stones, i got professional disc for prepolish…

What  are under your eyes?

If you are not a cutter you see on the facetted stone the shine laps, any reflection but is not all what you mast to see.

Most the commercial stones what you can buy for few dollars  come from Taiwan or  India.

In these countries have thousands of workshop where the people cut million stone every mounth. In these workshop the important thing cutt stones for weight and sizes not for good optical property.
What it means?

If you hold a cutted stones in your hand and you put a peace of newspaper under the stone you can’t see the news on the paper. It is a good stone but if you can see the letters on the newspaper the stone’s angles not good,  the light can going through the stone without reflection.

We are cutting all our stones with the best angles  for the higher reflection.
All the stones have different RI and  critical angles, we use it when we cutt a stone.

How i cut my stones?

First i select a good size of stone, i will show you a peace of amethyst during the proccess.

When i have a good size of stone i dopping it with black wax to a dop stick, it is holding the stones in the head.

Firt i heat  the stone a little bit, untill it is 100 celsium degrees, it help to the best contact betwees the ston and the dop.

I use my torch for melting the wax. When the wax and the dop are cold i put it to the head.

I  put the  coarse lap to the axel of the machin, setting the firs angle on the head it will be 0, i cut the girdle first, it is the time to cutt the size also . Setting the right hight for the stones, it must to  tuch the lap. I lift up the stone, turn on the machime and start to cut.

I use the index wheel ont he head for the shape of the stone. When i finised the stone all around i change the lap, comming a fine grit and the prepolish lap and the polishing.

All works with water, it need for the stone, keep it cold and wash all the small piece of stone from the lap.

Next step the first pavilon facet, the pavilon is the down side of the stones, thc crown is the up side wit the biggest facet it is the table.

I set the  right angle ont he head, set the hight and start vitt he fine lap, if i need i use the coarse lap. With the fine lap a can make a good meetpoint  the facets, but i leave place for the prepolish, it can move the facets.

Next is the prepolish and the polish, for the polishing i use special laps, i don’t need  powder for it, this microfilms included the polishing material, i have 3 different kind for different stones.

If i finised the pavilon i trasfer teh stone to an other dop, i use my dop sand for it.

After the wax is cold i strat to cut the crown  the proccess is same when i cutt the pavilon.

When i finised i use my torch again to take off the stone from the dop and i put the stone into the acetone, it can remove all the wax from teh stone. I use paper towel to the final cleaning and i can see the perfect stone!

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