Achat csiszolat Gyöngyöstarján, 10x6cm

2011. április 1., péntek

Latest stone

An  Amethyst

In the last weekend a had a little free time, i cut a nice  amethyst.  I found it in my  amethyst box, it was pre formed by hand, little bit dark, but  when i put into the light i saw it have a nice color.

A gluid to the dop, and started the cutting, first the pavilon, i like start with the pavilon, because after the re dopping is much easy.

I  use my new technology, i cut the facets with 1200 steel lap, after prepolish with my 1200 Nu Bond lap and the polis is with  a Cerium Oxide film lap. I put white Cerium to the film lap because the original is too weak for good shine, the white Cerium is the best quality, make polist fast and very well.

So, i cut the main pavilon facets , the angles was 43 degrees, it is good for most quartz,  from 41,5 to 45 degrees  can working for quartz variation.

When i finised the pavilon  i redopped the stone and cut the crown, it got step facets like an emerald, pte cut and the polis was very fast, these are small laps. The table was a little bit dificult, it is a big facet, but the white Cerium is  help to me.

When a clean this stone i just discover what is the real color of it, unfortunatly my camera don’t like  the purple colors, the stone is much better in person.


The size is  9,5x7,7 mm.

If you want this stone send me a letter to my addresse :

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